When buying clothes, people think about the style, material, cut, color, if the clothes fit them, if they match one another, and how they’ll look when completed with some accessories or jewelry. Often people pay attention to the brand but that’s not the point.

There’s one thing missing from this list. It’s that thing that can tell you a lot about the past and present of a garment, and predict its future. We’re talking about laundry symbols which are applied to the label.

Clothing manufacturers have been using laundry symbols a lot to camouflage low quality.

Thus, some garments have labels showing that the item must not be washed, bleached, ironed, dried, dry cleaned, etc. What’s wrong with this item? It is disposable? Looks like it. When you buy garments like this, you agree to it when you forget to check out the label.

O-Three suggests that all customers check labels before buying any items of clothing, especially expensive ones. Remember that the devil is in the details. So always make sure to see what laundry symbols are applied to the label.

What do you do if you’ve already bought such an item? Don’t panic and see what it’s made of and clean it accordingly. If you’re still confused, consult specialists which have to deal with and solve such problems on a daily basis. Welcome to O-Three! We’re always happy to help you! Let’s live clean!

Le Jacquard Francais, a French company located in the city of Gérardmer in Eastern France, has been producing jacquard for high-quality and expensive cotton table linen for more than a hundred years. Its intricate relief patterns resulting from a complex weaving technique and the use of strong fabric reminds Gobelin tapestry.
The thicker the threads, the stronger the fabric. Jacquard fabrics are strong and durable. They’re wear-resistant and don’t stretch out. They don’t fade and are resistant to temperature drops.
To care for jacquard fabrics, neutral detergents should be used at low temperatures (+30 C). Bleach and spinning aren’t recommended. But how can you remove food and grease stains left on your jacquard tablecloth after having a wonderful family dinner? It’s almost impossible to do that at home.
With O-Three, the impossible becomes possible ;-) Come and let us help you.
We have a special offer for corporate clients.

Shoe cleaning has been one of the most popular services offered by O-Three lately. Thanks to our customers, there appeared a section called ‘Before & After’ showing UGGI, TIMBERLAND, tennis shoes, sneakers, classic dress shoes, and suede shoes before and after being cleaned by O-Three. Check it out too!

Fireproofing of fabrics was a long-felt need which we’ve finally satisfied this year. Now O-Three is offering fireproofing of all types of fabrics, including drapes, carpets, clothes, and underwear. Our fireproofing method ensures Group II fire protection according to TR PB FZ of 22.07.2008 № 123 Art.136, Art. 150 GOST R 53292-2009.2. Fireproofing performance is stable from 5 to 20 years, depending on the humidity levels in the room where the material is kept.

Fire retardants are absorbed by fabrics forming a layer rich in active components which prevents combustion, flame spreading and material burning. Special non-toxic saturants improve fabric properties. Fireproof treated fabrics can be ironed without losing their fire-resistant properties. All fireproof treated fabrics are tested with a PMP-1 fire-resistance measuring device by VNIIPO.

One of the highlights of early 2018 was when we implemented a new sheepskin coat bio cleaning method. Now we can use ozone to remove unpleasant odors and restore your sheepskin coat making it soft again; we can remove shiny spots and stains, renew the color, and restore its waterproofing properties. Bio cleaning of your sheepskin coat performed by hand gently removes contamination while keeping the fur layer perfectly soft.

The world keeps changing and no one can escape or run away from evolution and the mutations of our civilization. O-Three keeps up with the time so it, too, keeps changing and growing, expanding and getting stronger, trying to reach new highs and mastering innovative technology, or sometimes remembering and implementing one of the proven old methods.

We’re doing all that to be the best, to be awesome, to be ahead of everyone else! You can see it on our new website. We took the best of what our old site had to offer and moved it to our new, progressive and modern website. Hopefully you’ll like what we’ve done and enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

O-Three implemented a highly effective and gentle Avrora shoe cleaning method in 2017.
It’s great for a wide range of products, including suede, leather, nubuck shoes, textile tennis shoes, faux leather shoes, suitcases, backpacks, and sports bags.

We know how to take good care of your UGGI or Timberland boots, and any other suede shoes. The Avrora method also works great for handbags and other leather items.
The Avrora method includes 6 stages:
  1. Contamination aspiration from the outside and inside of an item;
  2. Removing difficult stains (grease or oil stains, paint stains, traces of poplar buds);
  3. Wet cleaning of the item and contamination removal (salt stains and lines, reagent stains);
  4. Risk-free delicate drying;
  5. Removing bad odors and disinfecting the inside of the shoes. Antibacterial treatment;
  6. Splash and water-proofing.

Your baby started driving around with you in a child car seat just a few days after it was born. While the O-Three car dry cleaner takes care of cars, we take care of child car seats and strollers. Our child car seat cleaning method ensures high-level disinfection. We understand how important it is to maintain good hygiene of things used by the most loved people in your life.


Child car seat before and after dry cleaning by O-Three

Someone says ‘Starbucks’ and you can smell its delicious coffee, and it makes you feel warm and comfortable. Somewhere near the counter there’s a barista working their magic, mixing up different tastes in one mug. You feel enchanted by their neat appearance and moves. The barista’s apron is also the work of O-Three. We couldn’t just walk by… because we love coffee too much, too.

We’ve grown, we’ve expanded, and we’ve moved! Yeeeey! August 1, 2016 is when O-Three started working at a new location, at Stankolit Business Park, Savelovskaya Metro Station: 1, Skladochnaya Street, Building 1, Moscow. We love our new place and are sure you’ll love it, too. Come and see it for yourself!


Our new drop off

The dry cleaner closed at 6 p.m. as usual, and at 6.15 p.m. a team of riggers and engineers got to work. They unplugged the ‘warm’ equipment preparing to move it to a new location.

The O-Three dry cleaner was moving. It was a truly unique operation.

The task was pretty clear: to move and install the equipment at the new location so that on Monday the dry cleaner could continue working with its corporate clients and drop offs.

Professional riggers were engaged. Their supervisor had almost 20 years of experience in moving dry cleaners. Yet the riggers found this project very unusual. He admitted it was the first time they had to move the equipment overnight and everything had to be done so fast: they just turned it off, loaded it, unloaded it, and turned it back on.

They installed the equipment at the new spacious location in the middle of the night. On Saturday July 2016, a team of engineers arrived to perform commissioning activities and functional testing.

On August 1, the O-Three dry cleaner started working at the new location, at Stankolit Business Park located at 1, Skladochnaya Street, Building 1.

Local dry cleaning businesses, O-Three’s friends from a blog Prischepka, watched the moving operation closely.

We here at O-Three are really grateful to everyone who helped us make it happen.

O-Three’s growing expertise inspired the managers to open a car dry cleaner.

The O-Three car dry cleaner is a separate project. The manager was provided proper general technical training and has practical skills in car dealerships and materials used in cars.

The O-Three car dry cleaner is:

1. One car bay, well-lit and ventilated

To get the best results, it’s important to determine the type of contamination and fabric which can’t be done without good lighting.

2. Ongoing humidity control

For products for car dry cleaning to be effective, the required environmental conditions need to be maintained. Have you ever seen those white spots and lines on upholstery after interior dry cleaning? It happens when dry cleaning is done in a room with high humidity causing moisture to stay inside the material.

3. Full compliance with process requirements

Like any other dry cleaner, a car dry cleaner operates according to an established process. The go-to book of the project and process manager is Aleksandra Fedorova’s Process of Dry Cleaning of Items, a great reference and guide book for everyone who wants to do their job well.

4. Often the only opportunity to correct the mistakes of others

The first clients of the O-Three car dry cleaner were cars which had been to one of those car washes where you can use coupons to have your car interior dry cleaned. It doesn’t mean all such car washes are bad. It only means the owner of the car doesn’t care about the price of dry cleaning services. So O-Three operators do their best to remove traces of dry cleaning products from your car seats and other interior elements.

Everyone knows L’Occitane, a top-notch spa, is like a short trip to Provence evoking its cozy and warm vibe. In addition to L’Occitane’s treatments, spa-goers are pampered with plush bathrobes, fluffy towels, and soft gloves.

O-Three is in charge of those pampering details which clients tend to rarely notice but always feel. Our cleaning method extends the service life of garments while ensuring that the bathrobes and towels are safe to use, and stay soft and fluffy.

Winning an industry competition for the second time is not just a matter of honor. It shows the company is being driven in the right direction.

Winning the ‘Dry Cleaning Experts’ competition for the second time has stressed the importance of ongoing professional training of personnel in theory and practice of dry cleaning.

2013 is when a third wave of the technological revolution occurred. New detergents and ‘breakthrough’ solutions were presented. There was a big discussion about a new revolutionary method of cleaning with water.

As a result, in 2013 O-Three came up with a new slogan: A washing machine has no human hands (meaning it’s people but not machinery that makes for success in dry cleaning).

Trained personnel with an extensive theoretical knowledge and vast practical experience are one of the key components ensuring our high-quality dry cleaning services.

In 2012 O-Three started collaborating with Metro Cash & Carry where it opened several drop offs, specifically one on Ryabinovaya Street, one on Tvardovskogo Street, and one on Kiyevskoye Highway.


POS displays at Metro Cash & Carry

O-Three became known in professional circles in a quite unusual and ambitious way, specifically by winning a competition held by the industry portal ‘Everything for Dry Cleaning & Laundry’.

High-profile and experienced consumer service providers participated in the ‘Dry Cleaning Experts’ competition.

Participants answered questions about the dry cleaning process, material science, chemistry of washing, and contamination transition during treatment.

According to the organizers, their goal was to facilitate interaction among industry experts from all over Russia, help them share their opinions and experience, and find solutions together.

O-Three blended in just fine as a company with great potential, as well as good professional knowledge and expertise needed to achieve business success.

O-Three’s motto is as follows: No promises we can’t keep; no advertisements we can’t live up to.

O-Three was built from the ground up, from scratch. It seemed like a pipe dream at first because we couldn’t clean, wash, or iron properly. We just had a goal. We wanted to be the best in the business. We knew what we wanted. We just didn’t know how to achieve it. The director of O-Three, the mastermind and the driving force of the company, has always known how important it is to learn and teach employees how to do things better than others.

As a result, many solutions to deliver a high-quality output appeared for each process step. Today we take pride in our out-of-the-box approach to running our business. At the beginning we only wanted to change what had been before, offer something new, such as ozonation, and fine-tune it. But eventually we realized we’d created, arranged, and adapted all processes in a new way. Persons employed by O-Three were not just craftsmen. They were also quality managers. With this approach, there’s no need to manage what others are doing, as employees manage themselves and their own work. The manager is only a role model for the staff setting standards for others with her values, attitudes, and behaviors. It’s very important to love what you do. It’s important to be driven. That way your business keeps moving forward regardless. As the company was growing, we faced new challenges, but they’re already a part of the process.

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