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Cleaning of baby clothes

Childhood is the time for discoveries. Every second of your baby’s life is an adventure allowing them to get to know the world through their hands. Traces of such knowledge often stay on baby clothes which are typically more colorful and have more embroidered patches applied to them. So baby clothes require special care, especially since baby skin is more sensitive than adult skin. Our dry cleaning operators use an individual and careful approach to handling each baby clothing item.

Dry cleaning of toys (not less than one kg)
690-00 ₽ / kg
Dry cleaning of one-piece fur baby blankets
2.690-00 ₽ / pcs
Dry cleaning of cold weather one-piece baby blankets
1.865-00 ₽ / pcs
Dry cleaning of down baby blankets
1.100-00 ₽ / pcs
Dry cleaning of lightweight mattress toppers
760-00 ₽ / pcs
Dry cleaning of thick mattress toppers
1.380-00 ₽ / pcs
Dry cleaning of baby sleeping bags
1.100-00 ₽ / pcs

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